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I am an interdisciplinary environmental researcher currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of California San Diego.

Through partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and local communities,I study how they understand, interact with, and manage their landscapes - what knowledge systems, worldview, practices, and ontologies guide their interactions and associations with local ecosystems.

Using qualitative research methods, mapping, and multidisciplinary-centred collaborations, I study histories of oppression, colonialism, erasure of traditional knowledge systems, and governance models and how they have significantly impacted the way ecosystems are currently characterized, measured, and managed. 


I critically examine the underlying biodiversity conservation and land management approaches and policies to identify ways to build sustainable, and ethical environmental management practices. 


Ph.D. Resources Environment and Sustainability (2022)

University of British Columbia, Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability 


MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation (2010) | Commonwealth Scholar

London School of Economics and Political Science


MSc Environmental Biology (2009) | First rank holder

University of Delhi


BSc Zoology (2007) | First rank holder

University of Kerala

To this research, I bring my extensive work experience in South Asia, including working with federal agencies, international development organizations, and NGOs including my role as an advisor to the Indo-German Biodiversity program in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (India) and German Development Cooperation (GIZ).

I am a co-founder of the UBC's Collective for Gender+ in Research,which brings together a community of scholars interested in integrating gender+ in their research lifecycle. 

As an artist, National Geographic Young Explorer, and documentarian with a strong interest in public scholarship, and storytelling I am always on a lookout for novel ways of communicating research.

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