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As a teacher my aim is to help students develop skills and outlook to learn about nature and engage respectfully with the multiple ways of knowing it. I center my pedagogy on interdisciplinary and applied teaching that integrates diverse histories, geographies, and languages to cultivate knowledge that connects, celebrates diversity, and fosters interdisciplinary research and community partnerships. My pedagogical strategy includes:

1. To help students develop skills and acquire knowledge that builds connections with environment and society.

2.To provide learning spaces that is inclusive, celebrated diversity, and multiple ways of knowing.

3. To train students to conduct ethical interdisciplinary research through community collaborations, and knowledge co-productions.

Classes Taught


Global Indigenous Policy | Masters in Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), University of British Columbia

  • Developed the syllabus and instructed a class of 12 graduate students

  • This course considers global, regional and domestic issues for implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples including historical, political, legal and policy aspects. Students will examine the challenges and opportunities for implementing Indigenous rights in international organizations, as well as national and regional legal and policy frameworks, and consider the roles of non-governmental organizations as well as Indigenous communities and movements.

SCIE 113- First Year Seminar in Science | University of British Columbia

Guest Lectures

  1. RES 505 Qualitative Methods in Interdisciplinary Contexts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  2. ​ENVR 448 Socio-Ecological Systems Research, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  3. GEOS 303 Tropical Ecosystems in a Changing World

  4. SOCI 220 Contemporary Indigeneity​

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